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1958 Plymouth Belvedere Fury Toreador Red Convertible 318cu/ 290hp

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The 1958 Fury was stylish, plush, plenty fast, and produced in relatively few numbers, making it a very collectible ’50s cruiser today. 1958 marked the third model year for Plymouth’s top-of-the-line performance model, the Fury two-door hardtop. In 1982, author Stephen King wrote a novel called “Christine” about a 1958 Plymouth Fury that terrorized its high school owner, introducing millions of horror fans to a car that was memorable for many reasons.

Belvedere side trim included a single, full-length distinctive horizontal molding slanting from headlamp level towards the back fender. Ahead of the taillights, the molding angled up towards the top of the fin. When the optional “Sport Tone” finish was added, a lower molding was included that ran from above back bumper and tapered towards the upper molding at the front fender tip. The area inside the moldings was then finished with contrasting colors, usually matching the roof.

Fury V-8 Engine: Overhead valve. Cast-iron block. Displacement: 317.6 cid. Bore and stroke: 3.906 x 3.312 inches. Compression ratio: 9.25:1. Brake hp: 290 at 5200 rpm. Five main bearings. Solid valve lifters. Carburetor: Two Carter Type WCFB four-barrel Model 2631S.

Options: Power brakes ($38). Power steering ($77). Air conditioning ($446). Power windows ($102). Two-Way power seat ($48). Push-button transistor radio ($73). Search Tuner transistor radio ($106). Search Tuner transistor radio with HI-FI ($187). Rear seat speaker ($12). Heater and defroster ($69). Four-ply white sidewall tires, exchange ($33). Disc wheel covers, Plaza and Savoy ($18). “Sport-Tone” finish, passenger cars ($20). Solex tinted glass ($32). Back-up lamps, passenger car ($8). Front and rear outer bumper guards ($34). Air Foam seat ($9). Variable-speed electric windshield wipers ($6). Windshield washers ($12). Padded panel and sun visors ($24). Undercoating and fiberglass hood pad ($13). Three-speed manual transmission was standard. Overdrive transmission ($108). V-8 350-cid/305-hp “Golden Commando” engine ($324). V-8 350-cid/315-hp EFI engine ($500). Four-barrel carburetor ($39). Fuel injection ($500). Dual exhaust with V-8 engine only ($19.80). Oil filter ($6). Available rear axle gear ratios: 3.54:1; 3.73:1; 2.93:1; 3.15:1; 3.31:1; 3.90:1; 4.10:1.

  • AM Radio
  • Backup Lights
  • Bumper Guards
  • Defroster
  • Dual Antennas
  • Dual Exhaust
  • Dual Outside Mirrors
  • Factory Clock
  • Foam Seats, Air foam
  • Heater
  • Padded Dash
  • Power Brakes
  • Power Steering
  • Power Top
  • Wheel Covers
  • White Wall Tires

Currently Not Available

Year: 1958
Make: Plymouth
Model: Belvedere
Sub Model: Fury
Doors: 2
Body Style: Convertible
Exterior Color: Toreador Red
Interior Color: Black and Red
Mileage: 2623
Engine: 318 cu. in.
Horsepower: 290
Torque: 325 ft lbs
Carburetor: 2 - 4 Barrel Carter WCFB Carburetors
Transmission: TorqueFlite Automatic Transmission
Condition: Driver +
Radio: AM
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